Best way to Print Toy from Nomad for injection molding

I am new to Nomad Scultp and started learning it for wanting to create small printed character toys.

What are some of the printing methods should I be searching for?

Eg 3D printing, toy model printing etc.

Thanks, any tips are welcome.

There are two main types of 3D printing widely available: FDM and SLA

They have pros and cons for various uses so one may be better than the other depending on the toys you want to make.

Another option, although generally more expensive, would be injection molding (how most toys are made). You can 3D print your own molds for injection molding but there are limitations.

Hopefully this gives you enough information to get you down a couple rabbit holes :wink:

Ah thanks for clarifying this, that is what I am looking at getting done (updated thread title). I wasn’t sure of the terminology to where to start searching so this is a big help.

So in general I might do a 3D test print to check the balance of the figure etc then go to someone who does injection molding?

Generally, yes. You could do some 3D printing and see how it looks, feels, etc. and then look for a manufacturer for injection molding.

Have you ever seen Crafsman Steady Craftin on YouTube? Great channel and he goes over his own journey in toy creation and explores various avenues. If you’re into tinkering/diy then it may be up your alley or I could be way off because I’m not sure what you’re trying to create :slight_smile:

His channel:

A couple videos that I thought of while reading your post:

3D printed Injection Mold:

Tabletop Injection Molder:

If you browse through his videos you’ll see quite a few different ways of injection molding as well. And lots of different ways to go about making simple toys and figures.

Let me know if I can help in any way or point you in another direction

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Thanks heaps for those vids, am checking them out.

This was the kinda of figurine thing (will customise it more) I am looking at getting made Urban BEAUTICIAN on Instagram

I’m still not sure of the exact terminology for wanting to google small-run figurine creations etc.

Nice model!

Not to send you in too many directions, but you could also look at vinyl toy creation :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I think this is what I was looking for.
Sometimes it is hard to know what to search for when you don’t know the right terminology.
After searching “vinyl toy creation” I found what I was looking for.

Still in the pipeline but when I get to the production stage I will send you one, might be a while but I appreciate your help with this.

Found this which is one thing after searching around

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I would love one! I would be happy to pay for it to support you though :slight_smile:

Have you heard of rotocasting? You may be able to produce a small batch for not a lot depending on how diy you want to get.

I mention it because, long story: I hate running but to help motivate me I use to make these concrete gnomes and place them in peoples yards, gardens, porches, etc. while jogging around my city.

These gnomes weighed slightly over a pound so eventually I started looking into making my own vinyl toy gnome - one of the reasons I got into 3D modeling/printing 8+ yrs ago.

I was talking with suppliers through Alibaba but because of the volume ($$) I had to order, it ended up not being worth it to me just for my running hobby.

One thing I did do though was get into rotocasting. I built a small rotocaster and made some plastic gnomes with it for prototyping and a small batch run of them that worked out fairly well.

Anyway, another rabbit hole haha. But if there’s anything I can help with, feel free to reach out.