Beach Girl

I haven’t been on these forums in a little while… it’s great to see all the new work being posted… some really incredible stuff.
This is as sculpt I did based of of one of Luigi Lucarelli’s sketches (I love his work)


Awesome forms and gestures!

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Thanx PXgeek!

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I’ve been playing around with the metal and roughness sliders… you can get some pretty vibrant saturated skin tones… even the hair pops more. I turned the metallic slider about midway and cranked up the roughness to about 3/4 full… gives a pretty cool result


Love her a lot. Such a cutie, so soft and loveable forms. It turned out great!

Nice! For some reason the gab between her thighs seems a bit wrong in this pose? Could be me… The rest… awesome. Nice hand pose of the right hand.

It can be also from the illustration. :thinking:

I like to give slightly wet looks. And super thin pink as layer. Well that’s me though my preference. :smile:

And also give her a floating donat thing…
I dont know what is the name of that thing in english.
Is some rescue stuff


It can be very subtle but you can enable SSR to reduce light leaking when using metallic material (neck/elbow or thigh/crotch area), or maybe not since it’s a screen space effect.


Thanx everyone. The gap in her legs is in the illustration… it was actually hard to keep in there because it wants to be closed since her legs are crossed :slight_smile:
@stephomi , I tried turning SSR on and off… it does something, but I’m not quite sure what it is doing… its a very subtle effect

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The details of the hair are amazing! I have always been troubled by this matter. After reading your work, I found a new idea

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Thanx. The hair started as a cube that I roughed into shape. Then I sculpted down the length of it using clay to lay down rough forms. Then using a combination of flatten and crease, I made the hair shapes. I find sculpting easier than managing a bunch of tubes. But the metallic shader is what sells it. It kind of acts as the anisotropic highlights hair gets.

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Very cool. I’m curious how the model looks at other angles. Is it generally accurate and … ‘good’ is the word, I guess, all around, or did you have to make concessions to the anatomy to match the source drawing?

Ha, for sure it was tweaked for the camera… mainly in the face and the screen right hand (you can’t get the curve on the knuckles to read correctly in 3d without going totally abstract). Outside of that, model is “good” in 3d, but that wasn’t the goal… the goal was to capture the fluid curves that Luigi drew :slight_smile:

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Yeah for sure. You definitely managed that! It looks spot-on.

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Thanx Justin!