Asleep in front of the TV - Work in progress

I’ve been working on this for a while, the most complex thing I’ve done with nomad so far, just think I need to get working on adding texture & some painting. I want actual pictures on the walls & some patterned cushions on the sofa, which itself needs some work, I find the tube tool for the piping quite fiddly, but I’m enjoying this quite a bit. I wish I could have another light in the foreground to add a small amount of light to the black parts of the chair/ footrest, but still it’s amazing what this app can do :grinning:


Wow very impressive setting up a whole room. Did you create each bit separately and then import them into the scene? Or create it all in the one file? I agree I love this app and I love seeing what other people create with it :grin:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: the empty room was all done in one file & the furniture & character were all done separately & imported in. The plan is eventually to get the whole house done, or at least all the settings I need to tell a story.

A few more angles

If anyone has any suggestions they’d be welcome.

I need to add smaller details, maybe leftover food or drink, an ornament by the TV etc. I really want to add some painting to the furniture but don’t know whether it’s best to go the procreate route or do it all in nomad, I’m thinking for pictures on the walls or anything with fine detail procreate may be the way to go & maybe if I want stripy wallpaper or patterned cushions nomad may be best, but I don’t know why I’m thinking that :rofl:

And if anyone has some advice for how to use the tube tool to make piping on the cushions that would be fantastic as I just can’t get it to snap correctly.


Very nice!