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Hi all,

Is the app development still in progress? I don’t see updates lately. The latest update is from 4 months back. I had the feeling that the updates where more regular before the latest update.

If you would have checked the forum on latest post you would have seen the change log thread directly below yours. If Change Log is on top - that means the developer has implemented some new functions. That was one hour ago.

Lots of those features are online in the Webassembly to test.

Conclusion, if you are interested, you can be much closer informed about an app development than most other developer do.

What has changed is that instead of frequent updates, it is considered to be more efficient to release less updates including more new functions.


I never have tested it before. I usually just wait for others to post about it…lol. But I’m tempted now just to see how the SSS material works.

Edit: tried it out but I couldn’t seem to find it yet. Probably somewhere simple and I’m just missing it. I’ll have to check again when I have more time later.

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Well I completely missed that. Thanks formatie heads up. :+1:

Very likely it’s not in already. Couldn’t find it as well.

The sss option will be in material menu, the Web version hasn’t been updated.
Complete integration of sss is not finished yet.


Yeah, the material menu was the first place I looked. Seemed like the obvious place for it. At least I now know it wasn’t because I’m blind or just too old to find it, which is always possible when I’m looking for most things…lol.

When it’s done and ready, I’m sure I’ll be one of many itching to play around with it.


Hey not as much as me (つ≧▽≦)つ

SSS is now in and so far I’m enjoying the effect. Didn’t get to play around with it too much though. As soon as I finished sculpting an eye to start painting it, the whole thing froze on me. Couldn’t seem to get any bleed through effect for thinner areas, but it’s still something I want to test out with some of my previous sculpts as soon as it gets published. Sculpting is just a bit weird after getting used to the iPad being able to differentiate between the pencil and my finger…lol.

Awesome job again.

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To play with SSS, it’s best to have a least a strong directional light (with shadow), with a dim environment.

There is no back scattering for now, I might add it later but nothing sure for now.


This is so cool!

I am just afraid that most of us ungrateful asss…tists we’re hoping for back scattering more than this wonderful wax look. Not a few maybe didn’t know anything else than backscattering to be SSS.
It would be a realistic turbo blast to add, that’s for sure.
No semi amateur overpainting anymore


I don’t like doing arts with the web demo, the browser version crashes more than the application with millions of polygons

No one have to use it. Just sketching.


can’t sketch right, poorly optimized chrome browser

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It is not meant to be used this way…what are you expecting!?

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Safari IOS is good. Sure with limitations. It’s a free Webdemo for everyone to test some upcoming functions.

I am glad to have this option and possibility. To get a glimpse of what is coming next and to have the chance for giving productive feedback.

A wonderful service, very unique for a developer.

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Nothing much