App Updates : Pending to released?

Happy Friday!, curious how the app updates go through development to released live on the store?. I have a fix in 1.54 im waiting on ( curvature) so i can finish them, however its been in “pending” for a few weeks.

Curious generally how long that takes? ( from fix complete to pending to released on the store). is the longer delay due to some Apple Certification process to get it on the store?. i assume its not immediate when its submitted to the store.

thanks for any info, for the future i disabled automatic updates, so shouldnt get stuck in the future hopefully but at the moment still abit stuck. cheers for any updates :slight_smile: !

Pending means it’s in development, and you can usually test the features in the web version.

When pending is gone, the update is live (or under review, the review usually takes a day).

Ah ok cool. do you have an idea when the next update might come out? the one with the curvature fix?. thanks!

It is already out.

oh great!, just refreshed and its up!. thanks :slight_smile: