All my created brushes, skins and colors were erased

this morning i turned on my samsung tap s8+ nomad. I’ve been working on it for about half a year and it hasn’t happened to me yet, but today when I turned it on, I see that my palette is completely empty, I don’t know what to do

Sadly im not sure how it works on samsung but maybe you have a cloud storage somewhere? On mobile programsettings dont have an appdata folder like on desktop and tends to not save custom userdata if deleted i think, so its better if you make a backup somewhere every now and then >< im not sure your resources are still recoverable but i recommend still saving your workfiles somewhere additionally as well so you secure those at least and resources in a sepparate resourcefolder from now on… maybe you can re-find some and if you need input im sure the forum-users here can hook you some nice new ones up too ;(
And even if they would be gone for good try make a quick marker and notes where youve put what and write down details you want to remember, we tend to be able to recreate things pretty well or even better dont feel bad im sure you can do it :+1::sparkles:


The files and custom things should be mostly saved in here