Adding clay to an “underlay”

I have modeled this skull, and now I would like to add clay to it, as sculptures would do in real life. Like muscles, lips and so….
I have simple merged all the parts, but I can’t figure out how to add new clay. If I use the clay tool it interacts a lot with the underlay, and often results in bad geometry.

Should I add a new sphere object and start model on that, and make it fit the form of the skull? But that way it does not “interact” with the already modeled skull.

How would you do it?

Thank :slight_smile:



Either sculpt on a new layer and then you can use the delete layer brush that will remove the changers on that layer.


Duplicate object and sculpt on the duplicate with the original skull shown. You will need the lock model on to stop interacting with the first scull. Change the name of the duplicate to say muscle and colou and that way you can sculpt over.

Depending how much memory you have left you may want to remesh to free up polygons. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A good way to start this, other than duplication, is to use the mask tool and extract shell with thickness. This will result in a separate object that has a back side sitting on the skull, and a front side with thickness that you can then form into muscles. You will probably need to remedy following the extraction & not make the shell too thick, as the edges of the extruded part can end up with single, long polys. Extraction / emboss with masking is also a method used for creating clothing on top of body sculpts :+1:t2:

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Thanks for your inputs Adam and Bezzo. I will try both methods :slight_smile: