Add Modifiers and sculpt tools

Im always in search for modifiers
Bend, taper, twist, grid deform, smooth etc

It would speed up the flow and make this app even more powerful and friendly

Im also missing some news in the sculpt tools since I bought it a years ago. Should we expect something in this front anytime soon?


bend, taper and twist would be nice brushes too

These are planned, hopefully should happen in the short term.


also displacement and particle systems would be super nice!

here’s the reference of what I’ve been trying to do today
and only found a way to create particles with a dotted brush + mask + trim which doesn’t really give me the result that I need

thank you!

you could model the shape of the particle system, like a blob/sphere and add a texture to it, and have it in refractive?

That’s sort of what I did and it’s not the result I need, as mentioned previously :slight_smile: