Deform modifiers?

I know this is a stretch, but, would you ever consider adding something like keenanwoodall’s Deform library to Nomad?

Being able to twist, bend, stretch, bulge, etc., an entire (or a bounding-box-contained area of a) mesh procedurally and precisely rather than via brush would be amazing. Even if it’s not realtime and has to process for several seconds (maybe a low-poly preview while you’re adjusting settings?).

My main use would probably be for improved blocking out of basic shapes/silhouette, but I could see such a thing being useful throughout the sculpting process.


I love these tools. Very good in 3Ds max, where one can move Center of deformation.

Yeah, I used them a ton in C4D. I was using them for nondestructive effects or procedural animation, but I was trying to block out some curly hair yesterday and was just thinking about how much easier it would be if I had a twist function, or a skew.

Or a path deformer.

Yeah that’d be cool too. I could see some being harder to implement than others, UI-wise. I don’t know what (if any) engine Nomad is built in, but if it’s Unity, I wonder if the Deform gizmos would help with that or not.


I’m not using Unity, everything is custom.


Nice. That’s what I figured, given how well it runs. :grin: