Add checkboxes to Render panel to ignore "Darken unselected objects" and other "visual" options

Whenever exporting a final render, I was seeing that the final render was much darker than the render preview (pressing 4 fingers on screen) or the Turntable. It turns out I had checked the “Darken unselected objects” options in the general settings.

As both the render preview and the Turntable ignore this option, there should be a way to be able to keep these options selected (so I don’t have to re-check them everytime I go back to sculpting) while not showing in the final render. The behaviour between the render preview/turntable and the export render should be the same.

Adding some checkboxes, the same as “Transparent background” and “Show interface”, could greatly improve this experience, allowing to show them if the user wants it (to highlight a selection in the render, for example), but making it clear the reason why it may appear darker in the final render than in the viewport render preview. Same applies to other visual options, such as “Outline”.

I hope this features gets its way as it would ease very much the rendering workflow, and thank you for this incredible software!

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