A way to keep radial symmetry on without x/x y/y z/z symmetry?

Just the title.

I notice if I grab radially 4 points, say surrounding a ball, spread equally on it’s x axis, there’s another matching four points on the ball elsewhere. If I turn off symmetry, my original four points are gone too.

Is there a way to work around this limitiation guys? Am I being a dumb-dumb?

You can uncheck X Y Z and just set the symmetry using the radial slider. The plane symmetry can be used in conjunction with the radial but you don’t have to.

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Wow. Why did I not think to try unchecking them all, I guess I thought that the pattern of unhighlighting the axis I selected would continue and no option for radial symmetry would be available.

Didn’t even think to try. Thank you.

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I think it was a common thing when radial symmetry was first introduced so Stephane “disconnected” the axis / radial mirrors by putting a line across the panel in the UI. This was to show that the axial and radial symmetry were two different entities. The new red-green-blue colouring was obviously meant to identify the axis in the 3D space but also that, for example, only the X axis symmetry can be used with the X radial symmetry and so on. Once you know, you know :+1:t2:

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