A Vandal Nomad

This is my first digital sculpt, all done in Nomad thanks to Glens beginner course. The cuddly gnome went off on one & ended up here.
It’s a great intro that plunged me into the core of learning this brilliant program. I’ve been lurking, learning & listening while being inspired by all the great work I’ve seen on here over most of the last year.

Xmas & the New Year finally gave me the time to immerse myself & get my head around digital sculpting instead of my day job Compositing in Nuke. I’ve had such great fun doing so, & many ideas I wish to try in this wonderful medium for brain dumping. It’s amazing how much it’s just like sketching on paper - but it’s 3d - & a very clean way to get thoughts & technique down. Any critic is very welcome as I’ve got much to learn, but it’s good to finally break the ice.


Nice imma try hair tonight on a model im working on after work.

Looks good on yours!