ZRemesher with Nomad (iOS)?

What does this mean? I mean, obviously it’s not coming for Android, so I’m out, but what’s Exoside and what’s the problem with it?

I can’t get Quadremesh to work at all. It just freezes. Is there a processor/ram/storage requirement?

I’d love to see something along the lines of Instantmeshes, where you can draw lines on the model to tell the remesher how you want the polys to flow. If optimized, I think this would be the best option for an iPad Pencil centric app.

Exoside is the developer of Zremesher/Quadremesher.

Quadriflow is not Zremesher, it seems there is an issue with the web demo (but I don’t care much).

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Does this mean that nomad won’t have a “zremesher” tool for android?
Here in Brazil the vast majority of people use android because it is much cheaper, and I would be very sad if this was not possible for me in the future.
(I made this text in the translator because I don’t speak English).

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It will have the inferior Instant Mesh and Quadriflow algorithm, but (likely not) the zremesher.


So exited to read this! I hope this works out :upside_down_face: :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s about what I figured. I wonder if exoside offers an upgrade to the “all software” license, since (IIRC) I originally just bought it for Blender.

/edit: yup! Upgrade Quad Remesher - EXOSIDE

/edit 2: I definitely misread stephomi’s comment. Neeeeevermind

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good morning! next to that we will have a “project” button? to project the details of the old mesh onto the reconstructed mesh?
(text translated again).

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In all honesty, I’ve never used ZRemesher. I’m still pretty new to 3D modeling and sculpting. But if it’s addition can improve the functionality for people, I’m all for it! :+1:t2:.

This feature already exists.


Aahh! Sorry. I’ll look better.

Any chance to implement some kind of symmetry option to produce fully symmetrical or mostly symmetrical outputs?
Additionally I would love to have an option to completely ignore hole closing. The current one works weird if you want to keep an open topology like clothing


Did you find it? There’s a project tool, but it sees to just cut things.

I’d pay for this if somehow it’s integrated into nomad.

Still going on with this ?? I would be great. Voxel remesh in nomad generates too many 5 edges vertex that cause problems when smothing . For now I payed a forger’s subscription only for this feature, I hope we´ll see on nomad

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Yep, we more or less agreed on something, probably as an in-app purchase.


Woohoo! Can’t wait for this one! I am sure this will make a lot more people consider Nomad for professional work. It will make it enter another league.

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Awesome news. Is it straight forward to integrate or do you have to do lots of work before we see it in app?

Thanks, I’ll buy when it be released

You should consider adding more features like this more often even if you have to charge instead of giving all updates for free. Keep in mind that zbrush for ipad is coming