Worse performance in android on newer versions?

Hi, I haven’t used nomad in my galaxy tab s8 for five months until now, I remember get a better performance especially with the move brush and dynatpo. With a geo with 1.5 millions it’s impossible to use the move brush. The newer versions of android have worse performance than older versions or is it my imagination ?

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You are right. I got the S7 FE and at 1.5 mill the move brush becomes quite unresponsive. Other brushes including Drag work much better.


Thank you, I will use the drag brush instead

I tried old versions using apkmirror and yes they have better performance, at least in may galaxy tab s8 and galaxy s23 ultra.

Any difference if you disable multi core sculpting in the debug menu?

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Thanks, No not difference disabling multi core in the last version, I tested the version 17.2 and has too much performance using clay brush in both devices, galaxy tab s8 and galaxy s23 ultra 8gb ram. In my s23 ultra I can even subd a single geo to 6 millions vertex and sculpt nice, maybe with a little lag but its not a big issue. With the new version its imposiblle, I don`t know exactly wich version began with that. Untill that can be fixed is there a way to install twoo two versions of nomad at the same time ??
BTW, I hope that download and install old versions from apkmirror were not ilegal, I payed the pro version of nomad sculpt and I assuming that these apk detect that I payed for all the features.

Make sure the brushes are actually the same, especially the “stroke spacing” option.

This option has been reduced in newer version.
Higher value makes it faster but you’ll lose the smoother quality.
For Move and Drag, the stroke spacing is actually minimal.

Hi, after many experiments I realized that your first answer were right, the multi core option was the problen, I didn´t realized at first because the test I were doing didn´t have consistency, some test I sculpted certain area of the model and in other test sculpted a different area. The “stroke spacing” option didnt mean any difference, version 1,72 has 13% and last verstion has 10%, not too much difference.

Thank you very much

It’s more reliable on iOS (iPad are much faster anyway).
I made the test with my Tab S7 but I couldn’t see much difference. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes slower. I’ll probably disable it by default for Android only.

Maybe it has to do with the battery life.
I don’t use my Tab S7 often, so I often use it fully charged and usb connected.
If Android reduces the extra core speed and not the main core, maybe it can explain thing.
The other explanation is that spawning extra core would be very costly on Android.