WIP - Character Lore - Introduction :D

Hi! So, above is the link to my progress so far on my own character, Circus Izzy. I only have her eyes done so far, but I do dislike the eyelids. I will adjust them later.

First off, here’s an explanation for Circus Izzy and who her inspos are:

Circus Izzy is a circus fox animatronic, who had been made from 1977 till 1980. She had blueprints of her design set up in 1975 till the mid of 1977. She was only supposed to be a child entertainer performer, sing, and juggle. But alas, her creator’s husband decided to add some dangerous devices to her - mostly springlocks and saws. These devices were complete with any sweet treat that any toddler, child, or teen would desire.

Circus Izzy is inspired by not one, not two, NOT EVEN THREE! But, instead, by four animatronics: Circus Baby, Funtime Foxy, Tangle (From FNAF World), and Mangle. Circus Izzy got her colors from Tangle, style for the head manily by Mangle and Funtime Foxy, and the outfit choice by Circus Baby. She has the same design flaws like Circus Baby, mixed with Mangle’s. And yes, since Circus Izzy is a funtime animatronic, her face plates can open exactly like Circus Baby’s and Funtime Foxy’s faceplates!

Lot’s of explanation from that. Apologies!

Now, second off:

Hi, I’m Phoenix, nice to meet you. Am I a chaotic gremlin teen in Highschool? Yes I am! Have I been obssessed with FNAF and horror since 2014? Damn straight right! And do I feel old knowing that I’ve been in the FNAF community for a soon-to-be 10 whooping years since I was 6? HELL YEA! So yeah, that’s some info from me. If ya wanna know more about me, tell me, and I will be sure to create one of those get-to-know you website things about myself.

Have a good day!