White caps in UV texture map export? (How to import/export UV maps)

New to Nomad sculpt and so far loving it. I have a steep learning curve. Right now I’m trying to learn about painting my 3D model and had some questions:
I exported a piece of my 3D model as a test to see the nomad > procreate workflow. When importing I get these weird white gaps everywhere in procreate that I’m not sure how to stop. The object has 1458 vertices so relatively simple. I just hit UV Auto Unwrap. I did notice I’m not getting that colorful map on my object I’ve seen in tutorials so I’m not sure if I have to toggle something on or what…

Ideally I would like to export a 2d UV map, paint it in my preferred program (Clip studio paint) and then re-import it onto my model. Is this something that would be feasible?

The colourful map is the UV preview which is accessible under the inspect icon on the bottom of the screen.
There are baking / unwrap / reprojection features in the DEC/UV tab of the topology menu. You’ve obviously found this as you have unwrapped your UVs. Where did you paint the model?? I’ve not had such issues with UV seams in Nomad. Are you seeing the seams in Procreate, as I think this may be a procreate issue?? Stephane can probably my confirm.
Export 2D map and paint externally is easily doable. Painting in Nomad is also really good - needs hi-res mesh, vertex paint, UV unwrap & bake vertex to texture. Can then lower mesh resolution if required so you have a lower poly mesh with texture maps.

Thanks for the reply. I exported my model and imported it into procreate.

Any way to add in seams like the UVunwrap tools in Blender? One issue I’m running into is pieces separating and scattering across my UV map. Like the nose for example becomes several tiny bits that become impossible to paint.

Also how do I export of .png of my UVmap for importing into another program? I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

Simply export in obj or glTF.

I’m confused, where did you paint the model in your screenshot, Nomad or Procreate?
On this subject Nomad - Procreate workflow and texture weirdness - #2 by stephomi

I exported the test object from nomad into procreate and then painted. However I would like to use photoshop or clip studio. If I import a .obj into the latter I don’t get a UV map I get the entire 3D object which is not what I want. I have done something similar in blender where I only exported the uv map (.png) and then worked on it. So wanted to know if I could export only the UVmap as a .png not the entire object as a .obj.

You don’t need to export anything, you can find the maps from the current object in the Nomad/tmp folder.
Then save the modified UV map in the photos and load the modified map back into the slot within Nomad.

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I would suggest that if you are auto-unwrapping in Nomad that you should paint in 3D rather 2D in paint apps. Auto unwrap creates messy UV layouts and is not easy to see where to paint.
If you particularly wish to paint in 2D then using a PC app to unwrap would be the way to go……or if you want to stay on the ipad then you could get the CozyBlanket app which is relatively expensive but can retopo, UV unwrap and bake all in one :slight_smile:

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