Where to find for backup the .APK installer on android or Bluestack?

So I have spend a huge amount of time trying to find where are the .APK installer stored on android with out success.
Well actually on Bluestack, but I have not being able to located them either following instructions on how to do it on Android or on Bluestacks.
When I use an app filer explorer I never find the folder “installation files” or directly the .apk file when using the search option.
I really like the app and I waited so many years to be able to get an easy to use fairly priced Sculpt app that would not cost an eye, that suddenly I got scare. What happen if something happens to Stéphane? THen something happen to my device, then the playstore unlist the app in the future because is not compatible anymore with new versions of Android, well so I got paranoid LOL but is life and decided I wanted to backup the installer, “my precious” somewhere safe just in case. Any light on how to do it? Thanks

Online apk repositories like apk pure, etc
That’s how I could test 123d sculpt+ even though autodesk discontinued it.

It’s one of the (few) advantage of Android over iOS.

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Thank you Stéphane, I saw that on the searches but I thought that maybe those apk would be infected with malware and if that is not the case the other issue is that I have the full functional version so maybe is a different apk or if I use those apk you mention I would not be able to use all the features just the trial ones.