What’s up with the Colours?

Anyone have any idea why my colours look so much darker then to what they are on the colouring wheel? Even White looks grey…

That’s expected for a physically based renderer like nomad. Imagine taking a photo of a piece of paper, vs a photo of a light, vs a photo of the sun. Older cameras and monitors will just make them all ‘white’, more modern systems can show a difference between reflected white of paper vs emitted light of a lamp, vs the super crazy emissive bright of the sun.

But back to nomad. There’s a few options:

  • You can view raw colours by going into the lighting menu and choosing ‘unlit’, but then you lose all shading. Handy for quick checks.
  • You can boost the lighting. If you were taking a photo of white paper in a dark room, you’d go ‘oh wait, i can turn the lights up’. On the environment light, turn up the exposure slider until the colours start to feel right to you
  • You can boost the camera exposure. Back in that dark room, you could tell you camera ‘hold the shutter open for longer, let more light in’. In nomad go to post process, enable, down to tone mapping, enable, and raise the exposure slider until the colours feel right. Note that this will use a bit more battery, so don’t leave it on all the time if that bothers you.
  • Use a brighter matcap. In the matcap lighting mode, browse through them. Some are brighter, some are darker, some are tinted. There’s one which is mostly 100% white, you can use that to also get a ‘clean’ look at your colours, or even go and find other matcaps online that are more neutral. I took one of the gray/green clay looking matcaps, and in procreate desaturated it, made it lighter, and use that as my standard matcap for sculpting, works nicely.