Warrior Men - Character Sculpt

Warrior men - Character Sculpt
Nomad Sculpt, on my Galaxy j7

This is my first Character Sculpt with pose,im really happy with the result …as im a beginner in Character Sculpting.

Hope you like it guys:)
Any critics always welcome!
Enjoy the renders

Nomad Renders Editing on infinite painter android, to showcase the character.

Sketchfab viewer :point_down:t2:

Thank you!
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Wow, really well done, I like it! Makes me interested in trying to come up with something similar. Can I ask a real Noob question? How did you create the clickable full rotation and zoomable view of the sculpt? I have a couple of sculpts I’d like to share but am ignorant as to how to do that. Sorry to bother you with a question like that but your help would be very much appreciated.

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Thank you very much! Glad you like it.
The 3D viewer is sketchfab
You need to upload your model on sketchfab
It has 3D viewer with all the settings and features like we see in Game engine.

It is a 3D portfolio site
You simply need to create account
Free acount for beginner is fine
Upload your model , and share it with the link

That’s how i did.

Thank you so much, you are awesome! I’ll give sketchfab a try. :grinning:


Thankss! :v:t2: all the best