Views and lights put automatically into their own groups in scene menu

Curious to know what others think about this, but I always create a group specifically for lights in the scene menu, and another for views, in order to stay organised. I think I would prefer it if when lights or views are added to a scene, groups named lights or views were automatically created and the new objects put into them. Any additional lights or views would, by default, be put automatically into the relevant group. Of course, you could change or delete the groups, move objects in or out of them, but by default, lights and views would be organised neatly in their own groups automatically.
Curious if this is what most people do.


I haven’t done much with lights yet but I’m also putting the camera memory points in a group for having a cleaner scene.I think having a default group for them would make sense. Not sure about lights.

They could be moved out of the default group later in order to parent them under something in case this is needed.


There’s no particular difference between lights and camera.

Camera attached to a node can be useful if you are looking at a certain area of an object and you still want to focus on this are even after moving the object in the scene.

But the default is probably to have them global indeed.

Take a look at the change log :grinning:. The lights / views have a new place.


Cool! I’ve just tried it out on web assembly, works perfectly. I think for most people in most situations this will be really helpful in keeping the scene menu neat and organised. And if you need to you can still change the cameras and lights groups however you want.

That was fast. With these new groups I just wondered whether it would make sense for to remove the dedicated view points/lights lists in the other menus altogether, in favor of adding context sensitive buttons in the popups for those items in the scene tree.

It would be unusual though seeing not a lot happening when pressing “add view” or “add light”. Curious to hear other’s thoughts on that.

Personally I wouldn’t want to lose the dedicated lights and views menus: I find it the quickest way to interact with them. For me at least I wouldn’t want to have to navigate to them through the scene menu - if I’m using reference closely I’m constantly clicking back and forth between different views, and that’s quite a quick process as things are now but if I had to go through the scene menu, particularly if it’s a scene with lots of objects it might be a lot slower I think, at least the way I work.

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UI buttons on the bottom are way more convenient. They’re of the most commonly accessed bits, having their options open up with a hold down is a REALLY nice imorovement!!! Love it!!! Thank you!