Layer & Scene Better visible selection please

Visible difference of selection is extremely weak. That leads to plenty of unnecessary mistakes.

That‘s actual state

That‘s how it minimum should be:

Or am I missing some options in UI menu?

Yeah, I was thinking the same the other day.

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If possible, for scene, coloured marker per object would be lovely. Something like in Photoshop layers. If one could collapse colored groups…the better.


a classification by color indeed it could be not bad but by default it would be necessary to leave the usual color and then to be with the option to rename there would be a small box with kind just 10 very different and contrasted colors. because we don’t really need the groupz function since we have the simple option merge and separate but merge a multitude of objects under one color that would be good. But I also have a whole other idea without really using the colors it would be finally a group function which would be just the simple merge function and quite simply to separate we will have an option on the group we can even imagine being able to take an object out of the group for it. set it apart or group it elsewhere, personally I think this last option is much more professional.

In french :wink:

un classement par couleur effectivement ca pourrair etre pas mal mais par defaur il faudrait laisser la couleur habituel et ensuite peu etre avec l’option pour renommer il y aurait une petite case avec genre juste 10 couleurs bien differentes et contrastees. parce que on a pas vraiment besoin de fonction groupz puisquon a loption simple merge et separer mais merge une multitude d’objet sous une couleur ce serait bien. Mais jai aussi une toue autre idee sans vraiment utiliser les couleurs ce serait de finalement une fonction grouper qui serait juste la fonction simple merge et tout simplement pour separer on aurair une option sur le groupe on peut meme imaginer pouvoir sortir un objet du groupe pour le mettre a part ou le grouper ailleurs, personnellement je pense que cette derniere optionet bien plus pro.

That‘s like layer in Photoshop. I like that, also the very visible selection, to be honest.

3Ds Max let’s you open a group and close it again after editing. That is the advantage. In Nomad you need to select again before simple merge again and all names are changed after simple merge and separate to one name.

But sculpting on a group is not that easy in 3Ds Max.

If, I like folders for better overview if you don‘t want to simple merge. Folders could have limited editing functions like other selection sets.
The future of Nomad seems to be bright with lots of different uses. Hairs, Cities all these crazy stuff needs different option to make big scenes visible in tiny window. Folders could do the trick.


Yes group like 3Dsmax it’s easy (for me) i use from a long time. Colors like last image is more efficient and clear.

And less ugly :rofl: :sunglasses: