V1.85 Background Color Bug

Noticed this in the local installed version on my iPad Pro and cross-checked it with the Web Demo version as of Feb 10, 2024…

Attempting to manually set a solid Background color of #202020 fails as the RED component of the Hex value stubbornly rejects whatever I type into it and instead has a mind of its own.

In fact, it looks like whatever triple-set number entered results in that first set (Red) landing as other than typed.

I’m aware of how hexadecimal works: 18, 19, 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d
…so when sliding the Apple Pencil on the color chart, I CAN nudge it to the desired spot: 1e, 1f, and finally 20. Doing it this way can get me to 202020

Can others test this an confirm for v1.85?

Fixed on next beta.

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