Update button for camera / solution = use disk icon!

This was a stupid request as disk icon in camera view does exactly this. Disk icon triggers so much “saving“ for me, that I didn‘t even think about trying it.

Isn’t that the disk icon?

Thank you. I edited above post already. Save icon …. I would never have tried this. On the other hand, the update icon google suggests, two circular arrows, is not obvious as well. :arrows_counterclockwise:
Software update icon, arrow down into flat u form maybe?
I like this the most
Anyway, it seems that I am the only one who didn’t get it.

Thanks again @Justin_Ross

Yeah I hesitated with the reload/refresh icon but it could be confused with a “reset” view or something.

Down arrow could do, there is maybe this one that could do Location Update icon in Simple Small Style

Ok, I tried a lot. The last one, a combo of cam and refresh, that’s my fav :grinning:

A png. It’s just painted in pixel app though.


SVG download

I am not an UI expert so I do hope it’s useable