Camera bookmarks

Maybe it’s already possible and I just don’t know how to do it, but camera bookmarks would be awesome!!! I often model to art that is posed so I need to go from a “working” camera to a “pose” camera to see if I’m matching… it is also good for tracking progress of your model by taking a snap from the same camera along the way. Locking that camera would b great too!


It’s not possible for the moment but maybe in the future.

Please add the option to lock the camera in a specific position.

It’s already there for a long time.
Tap on camera symbol
Tap “add view”

Now, the camera position is saved. You can add multiple camera positions more by tapping “add view” again.
You can name cameras and update a camera by tapping on left little disk.

Have fun


Oh! I feel bad for not searching enough, thanks a lot.