Tube Tool Multiresolution reverse Issue

The original radius of the Tube Tool is not maintained when using the Multiresolution reverse.

Don’t see it as bug.

But Try first subdivision with flat subd option on

It happens with any object, if you go back with the sudivision, then the original object is distorted.

Try it with a primitive with a very low division. Box DIV 1 or Cylinder DIV 12 …Flat Subdivision in Step 1 doesn’t matter.
I thought if I went backwards in the subdivision I would get the original object again, but unfortunately that is not the case.

This could be to do with the sphere that’s projected onto the box primitive. That might be ingrained into the programming. The box and the sphere are actually the same. (this is what the Sphere primitive in Nomad actually is, just the box with a projection).

That’s the expected behavior. It works the same way in blender and zbrush.

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