Tube tool bug

Bug reports

Can you explain the bug (the weird behavior on the cap?)
How to replicate the bug?

yup. the end of tube is misbehavior.

to replicate the bug

  • use tube tool
  • create a line
  • then turn the white dot to black

but i try to not turning the white dot to black and its solve the strait tube bug, and disappear that bug too when i add multiple dots

I’ve try to replicate the bug in web assembly and it appear the same bug

Ah yes I can replicate it. I’ll look into it.

But sharp point for tube is not really useful though, it’s mostly meant for the SelMask or Trim tool.

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ah ok, the function of white dot turning to black is really meant to trim and mask tool; but it’s useful for creating a sharp corner tubes :wink::v:

Actually I’ve found the point extremely useful for numerous things with the tubes. Though it all gets sculpted over, it can still be helpful for initial quick blocking as well.

Yes, I enjoy the sharp point (black) on the tube tool as well :grinning:

Sharp corners for tubes are super useful!


I agree. I also find sharp corners of a tube very usefull.

The issue should be fixed on the next release.


that’s nice!:smiley: