Transforming multiple individual objects at the same time

Hello. I need to use the move transform brush tool to transform 4 objects at the same time.
The side of a face were the eye ball, and the upper and lower eye lids come together. I need to change the shape of that area and it will afect the 4 objects.
I tried by selecting them all in the objects menu but when trying to use the tool it just unselect them all expet one so only one can be transformed. Then I tried by joining them with the hope to be able to transform them all and the un-join them but again it only transform one object. At this point is to early to merge them all together.
Is there a way to perform this action?
Trying to find solutions on how to do it I only found people trying to do the same with out succes like in this old thread where in one question somebody was asking the same. But I decided to open a new one with a more acurate title because is not about moving is about transforming with a tool like the moving brush. There are other threads but no answer on how to do it Moving multiple objects together - #2 by stephomi

When you joined the objects, have you changed the tool settings ? The connected topology setting ? If the setting is wrong only one object of the joined mesh moves…

Hello. First of all I Love your youtube videos, they ae amazing. Thank you so much for them. I would love to see videos about clothing characters and different textures applied to them.
I have seen your textures videos, but clothing, because of seems locations, are more complex.
Now back to my issue.
Sadly I have it like you have it in your screenshot, but in only moves one object.

You cannot sculpt multiple objects simultaneously, you can only move them with the “Gizmo” or “Transform” tool.

There is a special case when some of the objects has masking on it, in that case it’s considered sculpting but it only works with the Gizmo/Transform tool. That’s the only exception so far.

After joining them, make sure to unselect “connected topology” for the Move brush.

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You guys are awesome :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:
So connected topology needed to be unselected.
Now it works like a charm.
I was tempted to just move one by one by hand but this is something that I will probably need to use many times on many projects, so I am glad I took the time to ask.
I hope this thread will be usefull to other people.
If you think I can improove the title or something on it so it appears more easily on searchs let me know.

Oh another question. I tried to upload a little video to show the issue but the system told me It was to heavy. Did you uploaded yours to YouTube first?

In this case - yes. I don’t know the settings for my other compressor app to compress a video under 8MB.

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Ok. Thanks