The River Queen : Spinosaurus Aegypticus ( Still a kinda work in progress )

I am just in love with the amazing possibilities offered by Nomad! I never thought I’d be able to sculpt and render a dinosaur like that on an iPad! I tried to push the rendering capacities to the Max and create a river scene! I’ll admit that at the end I could probably cook some eggs on my iPad though hahaha This is a render straight from Nomad, no other software was used!


hoooly! this is awesome - the water looks great. would love to know how much memory/how many polygons this is (new to 3d myself)

looking forward to more!

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Fantastic water & render, beside amazing sculpt! Well done!!

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WOW. Quite impressive, the app AND the artist.

Any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.

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Well done, the water is amazing

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Very nice!

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Wooo the fome near the dinosaur is good man

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this is fantastic very good but yes I am asking how many polygons … if I do that on my tablet I am crashing lol very good work !!!

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Crazy good stuff!

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Hey Lilousxm, thank you so much! I managed to take a picture with all the info from the scene :

Total count : 17 M faces

The Spinosaur itself is around 7.3 M Faces ( but I haven’t optimized the one in the background, o it doubles the count )


Hey Pop! Thank you so much! Here are all the info! 17 M for the total scene ( but the spino appears twice, so 7 M x 2 )

As for the memory, with the Post effects turned on, I’m close to 3.5 gb!

I know this scene could be optimized, but still, incredibly that it can render so much!

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I am blown away !