The future of Nomad

I was searching this forum for any information about desktop version of Nomad (hoping for it after using SculptGL running in a web browser), so now I know it is a lot of work and we should not expect it anytime soon. But I have a question: are you focusing on improving IOS version mostly, or will Nomad be updated and improved simlutaneously with Android version in the future? I can’t compare both versions, are they indentical?
Although I’m not a fan of IOS, I know that IOS market is more “civilised” and some developers are focusing only on this one. Nomad could be the one that will make me switch sides if it will be IOS-only optimised in the future.

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The app will be updated simultaneously, and they are identical.

The only things that can differ are platform specific stuffs like keyboard, extra pencil features or file management.