Teeth - Tooth Library

I see a lot of great sculpts here. Much better than I could ever do. Great work guys!

However, there’s one area which it seems most people gloss over - Teeth. I see these magnificent sculpts and then I see their teeth and I just cringe at how bad they are sculpted. This is very likely due to me being in the dental field so it’s something I notice more than others may.

I wanted to share a free tooth library which anyone can use. Its not the best tooth library but it’s not bad either. It’s also not my Google drive link, but the doctor has shared it publicly on YouTube so hopefully it’s ok I share it here.


Thanks. Will take a look anytime soon. :smiley:

Edit: Just took a look. Nice looking teeth. Thanks for sharing. Will come in handy one day.

Thanks much! That’s a time saver.