Sub - Zero Spine Rip Re-Re-Rendered!? Finalised 2K Image Renders

Following the success of Raiden and the way I rendered it, I decided to go back and re-apply the same treatment to Sub-Zero, slowly enhancing the already enhanced original lol. Pulling a George Lucas here!


Wow, looks great work :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Elnyp; and welcome to the community. Look forward to seeing your work and inputs. :+1:

Thanx. I tried using the app on my old Samsung 12.4 pro but it struggled as soon as the poly level climbed, lol. Just bought a Tab 7S + so will certainly be trying my hand once I get Nomad installed :slight_smile:

Work with dynamic topology, you’ll be surprised how much detail can fit on a model sub 500k poly’s (example), once you’re used to that, modelling on the lower end of the RAM threshold is viable and produces some good results. Samsung S7+ will allow you to work into the millions. Good luck.

Thanx for the tip. Not used Nomad for a while and didn’t realise you can use dynamic topology. Sounds great so will give it a go. Wow, might be able to have a scene with multiple models :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Dynamic typology is awesome. I use it to detail my models or lower the poly count in areas where details don’t matter. It’s not a perfect tool just yet and will take some time to experiment with it.

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Takes awhile indeed. Has trial & error. The piece I’m exploring with now is being made completely with using it, allows to expand on detail significantly as you slowly roll into higher poly states of mesh.

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Excited to see your next project. Which characters are you working on?

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This ugly freestyled Bryan Cranston lookin’ fellow. Just working on him as I go using dynamic topo.


Very awesome. I’m actually currently working on Scorpion throwing his chain dart, but I’ve only been using this app for 4 or 5 days now, and he’s only my 4th project, I believe, so I’m nowhere near what you’re doing yet.

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Thank you. It takes time, but learn slowly, I use Tube tool a lot to make my figures, very useful. Good luck, always happy to drop advice your way just give me a message any time.

I appreciate that, I just joined the Facebook group. Looking forward to seeing where this road goes.

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You will learn a lot with us in that community, it’s a very useful resource for creative education and very welcoming. I believe I just accepted your join request. Hope to see some of your work soon.

That was you? Sweet. Thank you
I like groups who help and support each other.

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Yes. You’re in the right place for that my friend, 3D illustrative work is intensive with a long learning curve, every bit of support helps. Like I said, feel free to drop me a personal message any point for creative support or general app troubleshooting. Will always return a response when I’m available.