Raiden Face Melt Fatality Sculpture - MKII based relief - Finalised 4K Render

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    Custom concept piece (this fatality does not specifically exist in the games). Still quite a lot left to do on this fellow, shall document and chronicle his completion as I work on him. Already had some cosmetic changes since these renders, will update new ones when there’s significant changes. Removed the alpha’s from his arms and started to work more on the melted face. Pose inspired and modelled off of japanese martial arts, bit more complex under the hood than it looks. Couple grey areas still to patch up.

Update #1; Posture re-worked, something very off took awhile to pinpoint it; now anatomically correct; rendering swapped to PBR, afternoon spent on damage control after re-positioning. Time expensive! Original images exchanged for new.

Update 2: couldn’t help but start the paint & render. Getting there slowly.