Steampunk Rifle

Hi everyone,

Decided to give Nomad a try by creating a steampunk inspired rifle. First ever completed sculpt ( in Nomad and in general really) so loads of improvement can be made. Hope you enjoy, feedback welcome!


Incredible, how did you made that?

Good job! Amazing for first ever sculpt!

Great looking work that you’ve got done here, very nice​:art::paintbrush::man_artist::currency_exchange:.

Thanks everyone,
Nomad really is amazing, I’ve been wanting to sculpt since forever and Nomad finally enables me to do so.

@The_LF , was able to finish it due to loads of great tutorials, coffee, poly counting and swear words :sweat_smile:

Here are some more images now that I can upload more.


That’s amazing, keep going

Great work!!

One word - amazing!

Really nice work. :+1:t2:

Only comment I will make is maybe choose a different colour background to make the gun stand out more.

Are you using 3 lights in the scene?

Thanks @Adam , will play around with different backgrounds to see if I can get it to pop a bit more.

I have three lights in the scene yes, trying to do key/fill/back light approach. I struggle with lighting, I either over or under light and don’t think the positions are quite right. Still need to find that sweet spot.

Played around with the background and lighting again. Don’t think the lighting is quite right yet. Can see more of the weathering, scratches and patina in the metal now however



Strong work, really nice job!

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