Stamp repositioning

I couldn’t find this in the manual or in the feature request, but apologies if this has been requested before.
It would be really handy to be able to reposition a stamp. I’m working on some scales now that I each place individually with the stamp tool and they need to line up with each other. It would be super helpful to reposition a scale once I’ve dragged out the stamp to the right size. I’d imagine you could do this by keeping a finger pressed on the screen while dragging the stamp tool out, which would bring you the ‘position-mode’ and gives you the possibility to move the stamp around. Releasing your finger would go back to the stamp ‘scale-mode’. I hope this makes any sense? :slightly_smiling_face:


An alternative method to stamping is to use the insert tool with clone object. Model a scale and then insert clone it wherever you want and whatever size & orientation you want :+1:t2:

Absolute useful imho.