Stamp and floating, editable tools

Please consider this workflow. It is badass for touch devices.

As long as you drag out a mask rectangle it is editable. Just continue and drag a new one, then the first shape is executed, or use the stamp (stamp just stamps actual state on object without leaving the action. It has nothing to do with stamp brush) tool.
The stamp tool is simply awesome. Move, stamp, move, stamp you can quickly distribute same shapes, same size. Resizing, rotating make circle to ellipse or vice versa - you do that wysiwig - but always with a chance to edit. But not a must.
This is quick.
This is precise.
This is awesome.
Infinite Painter is best pixel app for almost any task, but absolutely outstanding in this.
And now imagine this to be a optional workflow for stamp brush, oh my goodness!

But one can always improve, a duplicate option like in Illustrator would be even more cool.
Stamp a circle, move, stamp. Now press repeat last and a new stamp with same distance like first is done. Hit repeat last ten times, a very fine row of equal circles with equal distance is done.

These functions would give a monster big kick again, for so many different task. I didn’t even think about painting.