Editable stroke like tube with snap for any brush!

New realtime editable mask extraction preview looks cool.
Painting realtime editable tubes on mesh with snap is cool.

Why don’t we have this option for the work Nomad Sculpt is made for? Sculpting!

A stroke feature like we already have for freely drawing tubes on meshes, but for any brush.
Wich is editable till one confirms to do next stroke.
This stroke is editable in position per dot, in depth by changing snapping offset and in brush size and intensity per dot.

Additional ideas for fast stroke i.e. size editing over length:

As we see in tube tool, all these editing points can get overwhelming. Looking like a spiked caterpillar invading our sculpt.
Editing each point one by one can be tedious and feels like fighting with alien life form time by time.

To make this fast & easy, we need an additional tool, to sketch the wanted behavior over stroke length. Where we can draw size over length, strength over length in one stroke.
Trapcode Particular i.e. offers this to draw size over particle life and brightness.
It is optional, I tap on icon, a little window opens where one can choose size & draw a quick curve.
After release, it can be seen in realtime on sculpt.
In this mode, all edit points are invisible.
When one close this window, the edit points are back allowing more precise editing if needed.

This will open a new, very precise way to lay down sculpt strokes. From simple straight lines, which are still missing badly, to fancy ornaments.

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