Sprinkles on a pink icing donut

I’ve created a donut, used a torous shape, then doubled it and cut the second part in half for the icing. Changed it to pink and added more reflectance to be more glossy. Used a drag tool to make the icing shape distorted and added texture to the base. Created the sprinkles with cyclinders and a sphere cut in half and placed on both ends, then smoothed that out, cloned plenty of times and coloured them in. I wish I knew a way to displace them more randomly… I tried those array tools but I couldn’t get the outcome I wantes. So I placed them individually.

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Very nice! You should be able to Clone and Insert them anywhere you tap. Close your eyes and tap randomly at the screen and you should be good :rofl:

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You don’t need to make the sprinkles so cumbersome.
The first is a sphere- then activate sym and use gizmo.
The second is only tube - div 4 + sub 3


The way you did the sprinkles is way too elaborate :smiley: Could be done in under a minute. See post of Holger.

In the end, use to move tool to bring in some natural shapes. They are not always perfectly straight.

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Omg yeah, I completly forgot about stretching out a sphere on here. That would have been so much quicker. I think I like the look of the tube method instead actually, as my friend said the sprinkles look too much like Matrix pills on the donut :rofl:

Yeah I didn’t realize that I could that in Nomad, that would be a lot better. :rofl: I noticed something that I was struggling with, when I cut the torus in half the pink icing, there was no inner part to it, and I didn’t know how to bring any thickness to it apart from using an inflate tool in parts