How to add a sugared texture to design

So I am new to Nomad Sculpt. I have little knowledge about the program. I was wondering if there was a way to add a sugared texture to my design. For reference: how sugar coats the gumdrops in the image I provided with this post. I want the texture to not be flat and actually look like real sugar is coating my design.

Please explain in clear and slow steps as if I’m a beginner… which I am :3

How realistic looking are you trying to get it? I did this in a couple mins using the stamp tool. But with more time and effort I’m sure you could get the t looking much more real:

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Honestly, that’s perfect!! Like yeah I agree I could probably get the result im looking for by doing that. I want it to be detailed and slightly transparent like sugar would be. Is that possible with the stamp tool? Is there another way to do this that would be more detailed? Also, which stamp did you use within the stamp tool?

I just did a googled search for a brush alpha with dots. First one that came up was one on this forum so I used it :joy:


  • Get gumdrop shape you want and make it the right color.
  • Switch to the stamp tool and change you color to white.
  • Stamp for desired effect.

Here’s the alpha:

It may be worth editing it a little to make harsher edges and not so dot-like. Mare sugar Crystal like if that makes sense.

Original alpha and thread by Garyforce HERE.

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