Split, trim brushes to add articulation points to sculpted figures?


I saw this video Using Live Booleans to Create Keys / Articulation for 3D Printing - ZBrush Top Tips - Aiman Akhtar - YouTube for ZBrush in which Brushes allowed to add articulation points to sculpted figures.

My questions

  • could I use these brushes in Nomad?
  • if not is there a similar way to add articulation points in Nomad?

See picture for the same topic below - so you do not need to watch the video


Yes and no.
No, you can’t do it like in zBrush.
Yes, you can do it differently in Nomad:

Nomad has no IMM Brush like zBrush.
But it has an insert tool.
You can create or import the objects needed and use the insert tool to place them.
Use this trick to place them directly on surface.

Second, Nomad has no Live Booleans. Every boolean operation is destructive and it uses voxel remeshing. Voxel remeshing means loss of detail or very high density mesh.
But as this is last process before printing, you can decimate after.

thanks :+1:.
will give it a try and see what the results will be