Some helpful idea's

First off thanks for this absolute art piece of software development!
I love my Zbrush ,and this works amazing on my tablet.

Here are some features that I would love to see implemented.

Active Reference Layer:

I work with a lot off references, and there is no visual indication on what layer your on
only on the first click
After I position the model and then try to adjust the view I have no idea what layer im on …
Could be really helpfull if the layer is highlighted.

Cycle Ref View buttons :

2 small hotkeybuttons to cycle through the list of references.

Projection Brush:

That can project the reference view.

I’m not sure if this would help but there’s an app called vizref on the iPad if that’s the device your using, I split the screen 3/4 of it as nomad and 1/4 as vizref so I can have a reference board I can move around, it’s a lot like pureref on pc

Switch on stats in display setting and green text shows active layers name

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