Easier access to see which layer you’re working on

More than once, I’ve spent a bunch of time thinking I was working on a layer, only to find out I was working on Base. Not sure how it switched.

Some kind of at isn’t hidden under a menu would be great for telling at a glance where you’re working.

I feel your pain. I made that mistake many, many times. I toggle on/off a layer quite often when i’m working, and if you toggle off you’re active layer it automatically switches to the base layer. I’d much prefer to have it stay active and just give you a warning if you try to sculpt/paint on a hidden layer.

At least now i’m really good at double checking my layers menu :sweat_smile:

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Like Procreate maybe. But otherwise, the layer we are working on is noted at the top left in the stats

Happened to me as well.
I guess what one need is information at a glance that recording on layer is active or not. Like this:

Clay brush is active and layer recording is active in one view.
All the time visible.

This would help a lot.
Which layer etc. one can check in layer menu.

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See at your Left screen on the stats

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:flushed: :flushed:
I should read more precise before posting.

Thank you! @Costorella_Stefano I haven‘t seen that layers are shown in stats before. And I missed your post. :sleeping:Maybe it‘s enough to change the text color to red ?
But I like my idea anyway, as it is kind of consistent for the UI showing active tools highlighted.

for me it’s written in green

It’s already red when you are on the base, but the stats are partially transparent and far from the layer icon.

An indicator on the layer icon would be better indeed, maybe a red exclamation vs a orange warning (intensity <1) vs green thing.

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I see - or better - now I see. I really need more practise in Nomad. Should have known that.

While you were writing, I was preparing this as a suggestion:

This way, you would not destroy the beauty of the Top bar, but I indicate active layer. The layer information is now clearly obvious and shows that layer recording is active.

Now even me should see what’s going on.

Or a complete different approach with info text in general. No idea what is planned up there in future. But after seeing it in here, I am uncertain. We Just can give inspirations :wink:

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Nope because small screen, mobile, etc

Here’s Chosen solution:
The layer text is full opaque with brighter colors.


Awesome. That’ll help. Thanks!

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