Snapdragon gen 2 on s23 ultra does it perform well with nomadsculpt

Hi, is there a real benefit in s 23 ultra for nomadsculpt, because of the snapdragon gen2?

I think the bigger benefit with the S23 Ultra is the 12GB of RAM, if you have that model. 3D sculpting likes RAM, and lots of it.

Still, the CPU in the SD8G2 is somewhere between a Core i7-1260P and Core i7-1255U according to benchmarks. So you’ve got an upper-mid-range/lower-high-end laptop CPU in your hand. Not only that, but the S23 Ultra, S23+, and standard S23 all have a huge vapour chamber cooling system inside them, so say bye-bye to throttling. You shouldn’t have any problems with performance. Have you used DeX before?

Thanks for the feedback. DeX, just used it files transfer if there are other interseting use, i’m not aware of it.

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No problem. See my featured topic if you’d like to see what DeX can really do.

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