Snapcube: long press to lock view - allow zoom?


I think the long press option is super handy - but it might be even more handy if we still are allowed to zoom in? while orientation is looked.


After using it, you are right it could be very cool yes, and on ipad pressing cube to lock works fine but on a more little support like a phone, on android in my test, it’s more difficult to press it for locking it exactly on your position of choice, the long you press on it and it start to move, i dont know if it’s android or my too big finger for the smartphone size or maybe could the cube be controled by spen but i don’t have found the pref now?

Have you checked the web version? It’s in and coming with next release as it looks like.


wait, what ??? sooo nice :clinking_glasses:

I only use the ios version - but it sounds good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

@Jorgensen The web is ….the web version. You can test things before release in your browser. :vulcan_salute:

Cool. Thanks @knacki