Locked vue option

Hello, i was thinking of it by trying pressing the cube face for 1s that will make a lock appear near the cube to block the vue face only but let you moving object locked on that view. You just have to press the cube face again to unlock. Best regards

If I understood correctly, you mean a camera lock?
I was looking for that as well.

Must be visual indicated if one is accidentally locking.

But honestly the cube has a bunch of functions already. Double tap for snap view and tap for frame.
For me personally, I would prefer a simple lock sign in camera menu and a indication in view that camera is locked.


i don’t know, i like your first solution because it doesn’t destroy the initial design state and make the “lock vue” state easy to read, if you are on a small phone or small tablet one prolonged press on it and it’s done without opening menu.

I think that @knacki has the best solution as we’d only be locked to orthographic views & sometimes that isn’t what is required. It’d be great to be able to pan side to side in a camera view without the risk of rotation.

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A temporary solution is to set rotation and zoom speed to 0.

I think the best solution is a lock icon on the camera list but I could also allow it by long pressing on the view.

I think the lock should still allow panning, but what about rolling? (For trackball)

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yes totally agree for allowing the panning, but rolling i’m not sure. If it’s the camera list the best place to make it, could it be possible to see the lock icon in the cube remaining that you are in particular camera locked list mode? or is it already clear and not necessary because you need to set the new camera setting to lock by yourself when you start a new project and need that setting?

The lock icon cannot work with the view list actually, because there is no “currently selected view” concept.

It’s not really a critical feature so I can start with the long press snap cube.


that would be a really nice new option, thanks Stephomi

I’d like this or, at least, an option/toggle to limit camera rotation to the cube. If I could pan and zoom using the viewport and only rotate using the cube, I’d feel much less frustrated with the camera.

Test the web demo, it‘s already in there. Long press for lock is very cool :vulcan_salute:

Oh wow… That’s so nice. I can’t wait until this goes live. Thanks for the heads up!

i love it, when you are using multiple trim or sculpting on tubes, or placing keys for cuts parts of mesh, it perfect