Smoking monkey, or smonke?


Oo… oo…pseed sculpt on Android Motorola g Play phone with 3GB ram…


Ahh cool. Fur is so much better on second one. Saw monkey on Facebook. Pre fur version was super convincing. Did you ever tried small low poly plane to imitate hair? Works surprisingly good. But fur is a challenge for sure.

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I love when i try to make a anatomically accurate sculpt and people ofend me in my own post liking other artist and saying my art is not good :neutral_face::+1:t2:, thank you knacki for your support

Oh shiiiiiiit. I thought these were both yours. Haven’t expected Someone hitchhiking your thread, which is not nice btw.
And I didn’t say I don’t like your sculpt. I love everything but fur. . Saw this stage I.e. and thought “Wow cool.”
But the fur is not really working for me.
But hey, it’s art!
There is no wrong or right.
If you love what you have done, the purpose is fulfilled.

My apologies. It was not meant to be demeaning. You asked me what phone I used and how much ram it has. I saw your monkey and thought you might like mine and at the same time to give you the info on the phone I use. Again I am truly sorry.

Be more attentive please.

Lol drama in the thread.

Was just a technicality. Anyhow I see what knacki means with the fur. BUT! I like it as it kinda looks like foil, and fits with the whole 420 vibes. Could be an album cover!

You’re right. It was slightly rude.


Best thing I’ve read all day……possibly all week……although there is time, as it’s only Wednesday.

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Mega LOL :vulcan_salute: :heavy_heart_exclamation: Dito, my friend, dito. Everything would have been much more calm, if you would have avoid to post your art in another one’s thread without any explanations. Traditionally it is a no go to post art in another one’s thread. If so, it needs a reason and an explanation why. Depending on forum, you could have been focus of a shitstorm now. Luckily, people here aren’t like this. But I just can return your advise. :heart_eyes:

@SporkFuMaster well that speech was exceeding my English knowledge!

Generally, I like the cover idea. A space ship pilot like chewbacca
, but covered with foil. This would be a cool one!

Both monkeys look good to me, well done guys! :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face:

Much more offense, why im not impressed? Thats the only thing I always receive when I try anything. Or maybe I get ofended for anything because I have a personality disturb, and I cant see the diference, or you are simply rude, but dont worry, I’ll no longer post 3d stuff anywhere online. :neutral_face:

I think you’re overreacting. While some may have given harsh criticism, I don’t think anyone meant to offend you (and if they did mean to - fuck ‘em).

Please remember the internet is often a harsh place and can be very unkind. But a lot of what’s said is up for translation and, depending on the recipient, can be translated positively or negatively.

Take what people say and learn from it or throw it out. Running from it and recusing yourself only brings isolation when you have an obvious talent which should be shared.

Don’t think that way. I did enjoy your sculpt, and there is no room to grow if you disregard critisism. If anything, let it encourage you. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my art has been completely ripped apart, flamed and/or hated on. Yet I still thrive. I live to prove those haters wrong. I had one guy who literally told me I would never become anything in art, and that I knew nothing because my eye simply wasn’t made for seeing things. I was so mad at first, because the person actually knew art very well, but coming back to that message (I had it saved for a while) a few times, reading it over and over while growing and getting better in both 2D and 3D fields, it all started to feel like a joke.

I see in your monkey sculpt that you do indeed have an eye for realism and perception. You got critique on your fur/hair. On one of my proudest sculpts I got critique by Knacki for my wings looking like rock texture. Recently I made a new dragon, and with his comment in mind, I make a new type of texture and guess what? It looks SO much better!

Keep your head up, art is like a battlefield and we’re all soldiers. Avoid the bullets as much as you can, and if you get hit, try to mend yourself and get back up.


Sorry it was Genko3D who gave me the critique, not Knacki. However the critique is of the same type and has the same result.


Listen to RogerRoger and 037, it’s good advice and you have the talent.

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Hey, don’t give up! Your work is very cool! It just can be even better!
People here are very nice and nobody wants to offend you. It’s just constructive criticism. Remember showing wour work and getting critique is the best way to become better artist. So keep up the good work and never give up what you love!

In art school we learned to criticise. We learned that this is not a personal offend but a very important learning path. For everyone. Next monkey I’ll do, I have to keep a very extra eye on fur :rofl:

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Aye, captains my captains