Sharing 1 UV map in multiple meshes

Hello, I’m wanting to share 1x UV texture across multiple meshes (e.g leaves on a bush). I watched this guide but can’t figure it out. I get the error “Nothing to Split”.

What is the recycle need way to share 1 UV map with multiple identical meshes?

I am running Nomad v1.65 on an iPad Pro 2021 (512GB)


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The error is because you need to select what parts you want to split using the mask first :slight_smile:

28sec in I don’t know how to select 2 objects with mask in 1.6.5?

I have Sym on?

Tap on the object while using the mask tool. It should select the whole object.

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If they are both separate objects then you won’t need to split them, just delete one and duplicate that to flip it.

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1 UV for several identical objects such as Leaves

But Procreate has a few small problems with this…

FYI: In version 1.65 you can save yourself these steps.
Because there are instances.

This video is for UV sharing on a head or a face.


Thanks, I’m planning on using nomad to create meshes with instances/shared UVs then exporting to unreal engine 5 game Dev. Thx

Omg a simple UV map, duplicate then simple merge (Not voxel merge) worked