Sculpted joy

Some totally nonsense in practicing hardsurface options.
Unfortunately I got shadow issues when AO and reflections are switched on.
Hope the changes mentioned in change log will address to my problem as well :vulcan_salute:


Very clean edges, cool.

After a disastrously working day, I had a relaxing appointment with this


Came up on discord today - mimicking this zBrush Matcap.
But zBrush matcaps are more than pure matcaps. Curvature and cavity can be manipulated as well.

I made this Matcap

To achieve this with settings for AO and curvature



Great matcap and setting to mimic it, maybe playing with the contrast and strength of the occlusion settings we could be close to it.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you.
I left matcaps and enjoyed some PBR fun.

Edit - This have been so much fun indeed!


On discord the question came up if one could do neon writing inside Nomad.
I guess the answer is yes!

Which one you like more?

Or this?


Both good, prefer the second one for the perspective.

Real-time Matcap heavily inspired by @Zoltan s very cool Nomad warrior
Zoltan - Nomad warrior

Have fun, selling is prohibited.


Thanks for share.

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This is looking pretty nice, @Josepmy !

it’s @knacki the master, not me :slight_smile:

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Oh, sorry, @knacki, I messed it up. I meant to answer your post. Looking great! Thank you for sharing the matcap.

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Would just using a base brass PBR combined with depth filtering with a rougher, less metallic color for the crevasses work roughly for what you’re looking for?

Bad example, but kind of what I think you’re talking about.


That’s cool! Yeah, definitely closer to Zoltán result.
Anyway, my is just there in real-time and you can keep on sculpting on it.
So both are fine for certain needs, but yours, Sporky, looks much better. :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for sharing!

WIP of fun Christmas turtle…….well, whatever?!
This time with PBR material and some post processing but no painting so far.


Edit, different hdri are showing how flexible this stadium still is.


Absolutely great, man!
Can’t wait to see it texture!

Enjoyed this a lot. Got a little bit trapped in details.

And some more views:


Lovely work as always, this scene is particularly endearing.

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