Sampling from the inside

Hello. I model jewelry. there is not enough Function (Zremesher) - to do retopology for smoothing and function (Project). And the most important thing is the ability to make a selection from inside the model so that it would be hollow inside, which will save metal. For all this, I go to (ZBrush) after (Nomad) - but I wanted to do it all in (Nomad)
I’m not a native speaker but I hope they understand me.

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I can’t figure out how to make this selection of material from the inside of the ring so that it is hollow inside, which will save metal. For all this I go to (ZBrush) after (Nomad) - but I wanted to do it all in (Nomad) is there any way to do it with (Nomad)? I would be very grateful for any ideas and help.

With the upcoming version 1.79, hollowing out should no longer be a problem.

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Thank you very much. This is not a bad option but there is no thickness control. It turns out somewhere thinner somewhere thicker. I lightened jewelry models like this in 2012. Now I do it too in Zbrush with more controlled thickness using insert brush Dynamesh and thickness. I wonder if it is also possible in Nomad. Control the same thickness throughout the model. For example, I need 0.8 mm everywhere. In fact, you need to offset the surface by 0.8 mm inside the model.

I think you only have the ZBrush solution for a long time. The only way to create a negative offset is to generate a second shell via the mask, but the exact thickness of 0.8 mm can unfortunately only be estimated…
I don’t think Stephane is planning anything in this regard … but hope remains.

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Thanks again.

You should be able to do a mask and negative extract. It’s pretty simple and I’ve done it quite a bit without any issues.

Getting an exact thickness can be a little tricky but you can make a “ruler” in another program and use it in Nomad to get pretty dang close.

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And it would also be nice if the extract algorithm in the negative direction did not make such mistakes as in photo 1, but gave the result immediately as in photo 2.

Side question, what are you using to show the finger touches

In Version 1.78 there is a new setting - show Indicator.


That’s awesome, thanks

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ipad pro 2022 has the ability to recognize the proximity of the stylus to the screen. If you do not touch the screen, but simply drive the stylus not high above it, you can see how the interface buttons are seen.