Roll Brush smearing around corners

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just how it works or I might be missing something. When using the Roll function on brushes and watching the brush when drawing curves the brush doesn’t seem to follow the direction properly. It looks like it’s snapping all of a sudden to make the direction change but the curves are smeared and you can see that the alpha is not turning right away with the direction of the brush.

I hope that makes sense :smile:

I am on IPad Pro M1 with Apple Pencil 2.

Wonderful update by the way. So much new good stuff. Thank you!!

That’s just how it works.
(I guess, without screenshots…)

I guess here’s a screenshot :laughing:

It is smearing around corners with the roll function no matter what my settings are. If I go real slow I can see the texture isn’t changing to the direction the brush is going and then all of a sudden snaps to the right angle which is where you see the texture get clear again and looks correct till you take another corner and it starts to smear again.

The above image is one long stroke.

looks like the alpha rotation is “stabilized” if the directional change is too large, probably to avoid artefacts.

Not 100% sure, but I think the problem is that the brush position during this interpolation isn’t updated to approach the cursor position, this is what would create the circular smeary areas.

Yes, the ZBrush Roll brush looks much better in comparison.
I have no idea what the difference is.