Reference image on planes


Is there a way to apply a reference image to a plane?

If not that may be an awesome feature. At the moment the reference is static and doesn’t move with the model when rotating the camera.

You can texture paint an image onto a plane object.

As per attached image:

  1. Select paint tool
    Edit Stroke properties
  2. Edit alpha, set it to no alpha & scaling down to 0.5
  3. Select preset FLAT falloff as shown
  4. Lower down on stroke menu, set stroke to Grab Dynamic Radius.

Select Painting menu (brush at top)
Set material sphere to white
5. Add texture by clicking on plus sign
Highlight texture.
Drag on plane to paint texture.
SImples! :slight_smile:

The higher res your plane is, the clearer the image will be. Good luck.

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If environmental shadow and lighting affects the image on the plane at all, an additional step I use when doing this is set the Material to ‘always unlit’ - you get a clearer ref image without it being affected by environment.

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See the Video:

Or this Video:

Legends. Thank you

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